Got the new shirts in last week and have been working on setting up the shopping cart to make it easier for everyone.

We've got the classic "Pain is Weakness Leaving the Body" design and the latest "Your 100% Is Not Enough!" design.


Train hard,


P.S. You can get a better view of them from the main page on my site: SCRAPPER SITE

They look sweet

Any chance of getting a shirt like "Pain is Weakness, and I'm OK With That," or "75% is Good for Today, I'm Kind of Tired and I Have To Get Up Early Tomorrow..."?

HAHAHAHA! Those would be classic!

I expect 15% off the top, thanks.

i take it shipping to APO will be out of the question... i guess i'll have
it shipped to my sister... they are sweet


To make sure you absolutely receive them, yes, ship them to your sis.


Scrap how much would it cost to ship a t-shirt to the uk.



I'm hitting my partner's house later and we're figuring out overseas shipping rates. Give me till the end of the day (Tuesday) and I'll have an answer for you.



Did you get my partner's email on the shipping?

No Scraps i havent recieved it yet

Dammit. Just place and order and we'll take care of the extra shipping costs on this one.

Let me know if there's any trouble with the shopping cart.


you could send to me and i will forward it on... you'll just have to go
through freaking APO again


i live in belgium... shipping to the UK is like $3 for me... shipping to
APO for you is cheap... but APO is a MAJOR pain in the ass... especially
from hawaii

Place the order bro and let me know where you want it sent. =)


He want's it sent to my house.

Scrapper, what would it cost to ship to South Africa?

Just place your order and we'll take care of any extra shipping. Right now, we're just wanting to get all orders out so they arrive by X-mas for most folks...not sure if it'll get to South Africa by then though...

Scrapper, last question; how long are the workouts in Mod1?

I am thinking of getting a shirt and the Mod1.