Shirts vs. Skins MMA in Russia

Blue namer can embed this mzybe?

Skins win

The womens match, once again, was much better than the mens.

 All of McCorkle's pre-UFC fights were shirts vs skins

I demand that Dana White address this issue. Unless he's afraid of Mob MMA upsetting his rule.


Holy Shit!

Skins by Vale Tudo.

I like the rnc with stomps and soccer kicks to the head damn.

Thanks Gun.

Whoa, I just noticed that Skins had a man offsides & downfield that could disqualify that win.
I think.

Any chance they could get a Vodka sponsership and go global?

Sucks to be a shirt that day.

Gotta love it. Russians solving their differences and getting their exercise/entertainment at the same time. Nobody dies, either.

ttt for motherfuckin' rumbles!

 wheres your shirt now, playboy??

wrestle-box aint going to help you there


It's actually not a completely retarded concept if you didn't have the idiots braining mofos while they are already done - that is retarded by definition IMO.

tough sob's

Sweet fight, but fuck those fucking sadists who hoover over a guy who's been done for a long time just trying to damage them. That shit is cheap.

I'm thinking that the officials & refferees need alittle more instruction as to when a man is down (and out) and how many guys can attack one guy who's down.
Lets try to come up with a list of Rules for this:

ClusterFuck MMA
1. 20 men on each side
2. Field 20 yards by 20 yards

that's a good old russian past time , called "stenka na stenku" or wall on wall fighting , only with mma flavor . the old ruled stated "lezhachego ne b'yut" or don't hit the downed opponent . i guess they got away with that rule ... stomping an opponent who doesn't even defending himself is dispicable...

You dont say. So theres already rules? Hard to tell from that exchange.

Anybody got a backstory? I figured ethnic cleansing or something, but it may just be fraternities going at it.