Shizzle's Great American Tour

Not being a USAian, Shizzle has been selected to emerge from his mighty igloo in the distant land of Canada and tour the fine land of the USA to learn about its people and culture.

Currently, Shizzle's Great American Tour is in Washington DC, so if any DC UGers -- fine ambassadors of your country -- could recommend an establishment in which he could watch the great sport of MM-Eh, UFC 70, that would be greatly appreciated.

^^^^ Not a joke.

And, letters of protest should be filed with the appropriate government authorities as the fine city of Tulsa in the great state of Oklahoma, home of the nemesis of the villain Evilmaster and teh hero OMA, has been left off the tour. How can one learn of the culture of the USA without meeting OMA?

yeah but cant you only find him at the DQ?