Shlemenko vs Tito promo video

"Tito, I will break you"

I broke my C6 and fought twice since then. Drs told me I could paralyze myself at anytime. I wasn't scared.

Shlemenko vs Tito lol why ot Shlemenko vs Ortiz

Sofa King Cool - I am pumped for this fight. I'm going to buy the ppv just for this fight, so the fact that Eddie got pulled from the main event didn't bother me.

War Tito! Phone Post 3.0
Agreed, except WAR SHLEMENKO!!! Phone Post 3.0

tito stole the line "i'm gonna make u famous" from ken shamrock, who used it on tito


heres a clip


Vegas Sound Clip , Quote, MP3, and Ringtone - Hark
"In Las Vegas, I'm gonna make you famous.": Ken Shamrock promises to make Tito Ortiz a star.