Shlemenko wants to leave Bellator


- In October, you lost to Geghard Musashi by a decision of the judges. Many thought that you were robbed. You filed an appeal on the outcome of the battle. How did this story end?

- I also thought that I was robbed! The appeal was not accepted, they answered that there were no violations in the work of the judges. So the appeal did not give anything, but we did not expect anything else. We just wanted to express our attitude to what happened, although everyone has seen and understood everything.

- You wanted revenge with Musashi, but he refused. Why?

- He recently said that he would not fight me any more and would take this victory with him to the grave. Why? He probably expected that when he came to the Bellator from the UFC, he would go through all the rivals like a roller, but with me it did not work out that way. I dealt him an eye injury, caused a lot of pain, which struck him psychologically. It's hard to go to the rematch with a fighter who will hurt you. I think he is looking for easier ways.

- What are your plans for the coming months? Who do you want to see as your rival?

- I've been ready to fight for a long time. My training was hampered by a broken arm received in the battle with Musashi, but now the injury is healed and I'm ready to return. I have one fight left on contract with Bellator, so I'm waiting for proposals from them. Now they do not give me the opportunity to go into the cage, do not say who I will fight. We with the manager stated that we are ready to fight with any rival whom they will provide. I need to finalize the contract with Bellator, hold the last fight there and become a free agent. I do not want to continue working in an organization with which I had many problems. 


- Did you follow the Winter Olympics? How will you remember it?

- The injustice of the international sports bodies and the helplessness of our functionaries. I am very sorry for the domestic athletes who have fallen under these sanctions. I want to support them all, I was in a similar situation, I also had problems with doping, with no evidences. Of the positive - the skaters pleased me. They demonstrated continuity in this sport.

- You are actively opposed to alcohol, want a complete rejection of it. And how do you feel about those who rarely drink infrequently and do not get drunk to unconsciousness?

- I'm against it. This is more than just supporting a healthy lifestyle. Alcohol is the weapon of murder. It leads to terrible consequences. If someone drinks a little and does not bother anyone, then I agree - he is not completely lost to society, but he is a link in the deadly chain. He will drag out young people and set a bad example. For example, the father drinks irregularly and not much, but still drinks. His son will decide that this is normal, but he will not manage to drink a little bit and he will become an alcoholic. Hundreds of people have died from alcohol before my eyes, so I do not need to drink at all. You have to be absolute nondrinkers, not partial.