Awesome gym, good people. Checked it out and got to roll with Mark, Rylan and a bunch of nice guys. 10 minute rounds were great except I kept burping garlic chicken..

If you can manage park your car there you should get a black belt in driving

thx purebred! thx for coming back and leaving some of my guys arms there. :)

hg guess who's who?

The way it should be..good people rolling no school affiliations just a bunch of guys having fun

If you are wondering what happened to my face......

Its the imprint of Chris Leben's left shin. Wed 7PM sparring fun!

man, if shane's brown gets any older i think it's gonna start to disintegrate in front of our very eyes... in fact, i think it is in the pic. :(

you mean that wasn't eye shadow? i thought it was a flattering shade of blue. whoa nelly! ;)

wow, looks like a good time.
good thing I didn't go, looks like my white belt might have gotten dirty & stained...
with my blood!

If you are wondering what happened to my face......

I'm fat and out of shape right now lol..

White brown, blue black, all the same, Goal of BJJ = have fun

Holy shit I just realized you won a new Harley, WTF..That's awesome

shane plays @ a black belt level & deserves it but, tell him to stop washing his belt to make it look like he had it longer then he has =)

bjjtek, how can you be rolling tonight? i was tired all day from d&b. i wanted to go out longer but my driver davin wanted to go home. next time. good times!

purebred is a big dude.

soaks lower back in hot tub

oh man. :(

I thought my brown belt was in bad shape...... Shane's one of the worst i
have seen. Someone promote him already

Alpha dogg I will be at the lounge tonight if you drink some more. Actually if anyone wants to drink, please come down to venus lounge and partake in some alcoholic beverages.

you sir, are insane. holy shit.

Sim Go...first row, third from the left

"Sim Go...first row, third from the left"

lol! Was waiting for that.

btw, thanks FCTV, Rylan, Shane and the rest of everyone for coming down and kicking my butt. I learned a lot from Rylan, Shane and FCTV. Thanks for showing me stuff!

p.s. If you roll with FCTV, I feel sorry for your hibs. ;)

"the pass" (yet to be named)


" "the pass" (yet to be named)"

The Ku***o (tm)

too narcissistic wu. maybe "the kuma slide"? i dunno...