Shock-Ability Rocks!!

I posted a review of this over in the product review section, but I wanted to come over
here and just mention what an awesome series I thought this was.

For those who don't know what it's about...go read my review in the product review
section! (I'm too lazy to even cut and paste at this point in the day. Deal.)

What makes this series so great: It helped me finally have a lightbulb moment about the
nature of many of the ROSS exercies/concepts/theories/etc.

Scott mentions several times in the series that the purpose of it is not to develop skills, but
rather, attributes, that will enhance your skills. It took me a minute, but I finally got what he
meant, and it made all the other series make more sense.

Every martial art, every technique, style, system, whatever, all operate around an
insescapable fact: Human beings all work basically the same way (or, as Tony Blauer says
"We all move the same, differently"). There are certain fundamental principles that will
always apply to how to deal with impact, regardless of the nature of the impact. Same thing
if you want to knock someone down...there are a lot of ways to do it, but the physics
involved is all the same.

These tapes will help you unlock principles that work any where and everwhere. They will
teach you how to improve at the most fundamental level of martial arts. Scott speaks of
"sewing" your techniques into a "tapestry". That's pretty accurate, but Scott is showing how
to make your tapestry itself stronger.

I'm rambling a lot, I know.

Imagine this: Imagine that there were fundamental rules about the way your body worked.
Imagine that they applied to everyone.
Imagine that you knew those rules.
Imagine you knew how to tweak the rules to your advantage.
Congratulations...that's what these tapes will teach you.

I cannot wait 'til the next ROSS Camp...I gotta get there this time.


Not one to resist a good seguay ... when is the next ROSS camp ( ICA 2K2 ) ?


"Shock-Ability Rocks!!"

You ain't lying.....