Shocking Video. Korean girl abused western men

TYPO: ABUSED "BY" western men

so sad.

the degeneracy.

racism is alive and well.

I hope the women's rights/feminists groups spearhead an investigation into this blatant sexist/physical abuse of a woman.

I bet you those guys are Sailors. The Navy had a lot of these type of assholes when I was in.

some sick people out there.

sick sick sick.

lowest of the low.

sound Irish or some shit.

yeah people are saying they are irish.

i hope they are identified and shamed.

Shitheads should be exterminated Phone Post 3.0

This video is a few months old.
The men claim it was staged and they got paid 90$ to act in it. It was supposed to be for a horror movie or whatever.

I believe they don't have real prove for their version though.

LOL @ that being fake.

why would you put a scene like that in a horror movie?

ridiculous excuse.


lowest of the low.

EvilYoshida is really scraping the bottom of the barrel.

shooting a horror movie with an iphone LOL.

their story is fake.

EVILYOSHIDA - shooting a horror movie with an iphone LOL.

their story is fake.

Doesn't matter anyway if the story or the video of this particular incident is fake. Lots of Western men probably act like this (if not worse) in foreign countries.

It's a shame.

I read online that someone received two other versions of that same exact scene with the same exact dialogue. Of course, said person didn't post those videos.

Real or not, there are plenty of White guys here who act like total dickbags and treat women in Seoul really shitty. Successful American men are typically too busy being successful in the US to give up a year of their life to come to Asia. Thus, there tends to be a perponderance of low-self-esteem, can't-make-it-in-the-US rejects in the English-speaking crowd. Combine that with massive amounts of internalized racism and godlike reverence for anyone with White skin and you have the clusterfuck that is Hongik University every weekend.

There was a group online here called "English Spectrum" that ruffled quite a few feathers about ten years back. They posted all kinds of videos of themselves banging South Corean women in clubs and treating them the way the above video depicts. These scumbags even had a long-ass thread providing explicit details about how to molest your middle school students ("have you ever kissed like an adult before?" "Can you keep a secret?").

This behavior also goes alongside that of the US military, which supported military dictators, sexual slavery, trafficking, the torture of civilians, family punishment, mass executions without trial, and all other assorted mayhem for decades.

Not all US military is scum, neither are the English teachers, but the way things look at ground level in Seoul isn't pretty.


Yeah, that was written in the washington post.

lol@refering to a blog for prove.

^ the video is authentic.

MOst likely damage control from Us authorities as Korean bases are highly important as well as pro-US sentiment.

No 2nd video

no one shoots movies with Iphones

but other people make good points.. even if fake this stuff happens.

at least 1 rape a month in Okinawa from American GIs

yet the feminist groups do nothing. they prefer to target putin because he doesn't think minors should be gender confused.

^ you don't deserve a comment from me.

Anyways. if they tried this in China they would literally get beat up. Westerners don't dare try this stuff.

Koreans like to make fun of Chinese for being "weak" but Chinese don't take shit like this these days.

China is independent.

Wtf? Did he think he was Max Hardcore. That shit was creepy. Phone Post 3.0

For later Phone Post 3.0