Shoes: Wrestling vs. Boxing

Is there really much of a difference between boxing shoes (not the boots) and wrestling shoes? If I buy wrestling shoes, couldn't I use them for both?


Ther is only about a half inch difference but I think aheel hook would be easier to catch on the new boxing shoes both are bad for jiujitsu but I wrestling shoes when fighting in the cage.the boxing shoes look like they have more support which is good for boxing but bad for fighting.Hope I helped.

I like asics shoes.

I wear KEDS in the ring

I go with Asics, too. I'll probably switch to Adidas soon, though.

I love my Asics wrestling shoes. Everyone says they make you more prone to leglocks, but the counters are all still there, and I think the benefits definitely outweigh the drawbacks.

is there a specific model name/number on those Asics everyone is raving about?

Boxing shoes are all about ankle stability. Wrestling shoes are about mobility. They are v different. Maybe the low boxing shoes are a lot diff, but I never wore them.