Shogun, Batman & Robin Battle Penguin

Brazilian tv, LOL. First Anderson singing, now Shogun fucking around with Batman, Robin and Penguin.

That woman is FINE though..

IF you want to see the fight skip to 5:00.

LOL this is great, that Penguin is terrific

shogun looked slow and sluggish even in that video I'm afraid prime shogun is long gone and he is not coming back 

Fortunately he can still fight supervillains. Now let's just hope JBJ doesn't turn into one...

Robin looks like a meth-riddled George Lopez. 

 So glad to see these guys get the recognition they deserve..long time coming

lol great vid

why was batman shorter and gayer acting than robin??

Sub for later Phone Post

No can defend against Shogun Phone Post


 i liked the blonde girl in sunglasses