MMA Weekly reported that they had an exclusive interview with Rua, and they discussed what his and Silvas plans were for coming to the UFC...did anyone catch the details?

"Yes. They said they both feel that frenchtoast is better than pancakes. "

I knew it! That explains so much.

Someone at sherdog gave this summary.

  • Shogun is back to training 100%
  • His contract states that he can fight in both Pride and UFC
  • He will more likely fight in UFC next
  • He thinks in a couple of weeks his next fight will be worked out
  • He wants the UFC title
  • He wants to show America his skills
  • He thinks Rampage will beat Hendo
  • Didn't pick a winner of Royce Sakuraba, just said Royce has a huge ground game but Sakuraba is Chute Box and always brings something new to his fights.
  • He said he and Wandi don't pick their opponents but he thinks Tito and Rampage would be great fights for Wandi in UFC

Seeing either of these guys fight any of the top contenders in 205 would be awsome

I feel like 'page can gtake wand now (the ufc is his house now and all, while pride was wands)

ttt to see shogun hit some crazy ass kicks on fools in the ufc

Shogun vs bisping needs to hapen!!!!!!

shogun by prison rape (not tasteful at all!)

lol: "Shogun Vs. Forrest = Pure Fun"