Shogun/Machida Re-Match Timing Advantage

Just curious what everyones thoughts were on who would have the advantage if the rematch happens soon, rather than being delayed through another training camp.

IMO, the longer it is held off the more of an advantage it is to the Lyoto. Since neither of them will have a significant injury suspension, I would like to see this fight happen sooner rather than later.

Since Shogun is the champion, he should get to choose when this fight takes place and I think it should happen sooner rather than later.

...and don't let Macheetah drink anymore piss till after the rematch.

Machida MUST find the solution to avoid the Muay Thai low kicks and if he does we gotta good rematch happening. to win one should have no style learn all style that works but have no style.maybe one shouldn't enter a fight thinking I will fight using muay thai, karate, Bjj etc. But use what works, have no style.