Shogun/Machida: The good news

I was soooooo disgusted yesterday.

But now that the outrage has died down, I realized this morning that there was a bit of sunshine and it is this: SHOGUN IS BACK!

Forget last night. Today, let's celebrate a great fighter, recently left for dead but now resurgent, triumphant in substance if not in title.

Cheers to Mauricio "Shogun" Rua, once again the best LHW in the world.

 Shogun isn't the best until he fights Gegard Mousasi imo.

Not a big Shogun fan before, but a fan after. He got entirely screwed but was a good sport about it. I hope he wins the rematch, he deserves the belt.

He has returned :)



OP is correct

Shogun once again is the #1 LHW of the world.

Pride Shogun/wrecking machine is back!

A Shogun that is able to go full speed for 5 rounds is a VERY tough matchup for anyone in the world. It was awesome to see his conditioning back.

bakalol -  Shogun isn't the best until he fights Gegard Mousasi imo.


Mousasi only has one win over a top 15 LHW opponent, Babalu

at MW you have an argument, but when it comes to LHW, Mousasi has not done anything to deserve a fight against Shogun or Machida

not that i wouldnt wanna see it