Shogun pleasantly suprised to receive title shot

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                                Shogun pleasantly suprised to receive title shot

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                    <p>Many MMA fans were surprised when Mauricio &quot;Shogun&quot; Rua was picked to face Lyoto Machida for the light heavyweight title and not, say, Quinton &quot;Rampage&quot; Jackson. In fact, &quot;Shogun&quot; even told that he was surprised by the decision, too.<br />

That's not to say that the former PRIDE star doesn't deserve a shot at the 205-pound belt. The 18-3 Brazilian was once considered one of, if not the best light heavyweights in the world, and he most recently defeated Chuck Liddell via first-round TKO at UFC 97 in April. spoke to "Shogun" about the title shot and how he plans on defeating the undefeated Machida. Check out the video interview below.


hmm, should be interesting...Shogun is definitely a contender, but I believe Rampage should get a shot at the belt before him. I guess they're waiting for Rampage and Rashad to fight after TUF 10, then the winner of that duel will face Machida or Rua (whoever wins), although we all know that Machida will win that one.

If only Anderson Silva would catch weight and fight Machida at 205 instead of saying he "will not fight Machida because they are too good of friends".....that would be one hell of a fight, that's for sure.

poor shogun

Why is Shogun suprised? He beat Mark Coleman for crying out loud.

Hawkeye02 - SURPRISED. "suprised" is not a word.

yeah I see that mistake being made alot lol

but man I dont get all the shogun hate for him getting the title shot... I def think his reputation should come into play, and he beat Rampage ez and has more skills than page. He has a much better shot at beatin machida than rashad or page.

Shogun will ko Machida, mark my words.

Coleman of yesterday, perhaps. I don't see him serving this role anymore. There are simply too many LHWs that could beat him but don't have a prayer of taking the belt from Machida. There is just a sizable time gap before Rampage is ready to fight, given the upcoming Evans bout. Rua would likely be in this position if he had beaten someone other than Coleman, instead.

Ariel where's that Cro-Cop apology... stilll waiting

He said "Hampage" a few times. That's funny to me.

i see machida running through Shogun's standup.

the only reason shogun is getting the title shot is because rampage decide to fight rashad