Shogun Rua vs. Forrest Griffin 2

Who takes it and why ?

Lou Diamond Phillips Screwdriver - Forrest Griffin.

Shogun would have to take at least two years more of training to be on his level.

someone take the bait

Forrest by decision.

Closer fight than the first, because Shogun will stop rolling to the knees, where he took the most damage in the first fight.

Sho gun

Wins via doctor stoppage because forest can't stop crying Phone Post

 I love this match up, Forrest and Shogun do well against eachother. It's gonna be a fun fight that's for sure. I really want to see it.

I just hope Shogun can come back strong after a 3rd surgery. Shogun 100%, Forrest takes a beating.

lol @ this thread.

Sting will drop from the rafters and interfere with the fight...

Bumbaclot -  Shogun hasn't really shown any improvement.  He just fought an extremely favorable match-up.

Rashad is going to knock him out. 


Bumbaclot trolling once again..... Phone Post

I love the fact that people can somehow pretend like the first fight never happened.