Shogun signs with ufc confirmed

Well finally blaf has confirmed the entrance of shogun to the ufc. I enjoy his comment about shogun being so marketable, yet before they purchased pride when he was asked about shogun, I think on fox, he said nobody knows who the hell he is. If hes marketable (and one only needs to watch pride usa ppv) it should not be hard to get fans to take notice. Either way I was always a pride fan and am glad to see him in the ufc, I want people to recognize him, and I want to see him fight the top guys.

Here is the quote and link to the article.

Add UFC news: White recently signed Mauricio "Shogun" Rua, who current UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton "Rampage" Jackson called the best fighter he'd ever faced. Rua (16-2) will make his UFC debut Sept. 22.

"He's signed and ready to roll," White said. "You couldn't meet a classier guy in your whole life. He will be so marketable."

He's "marketable" now since he has a very convincing win over UFC LHW Champ.

Its going to be interesting to see who his first opponent is. Will the UFC feed him someone like houston alexander? or maybe jason lambert? or will they give him say the winner of tito/rashad to make his introduction a big fight instead of just a highlight reel KO

Better give him a big fight in case he gets CroCop'ed.

I only wish he could stomp to the head.

Tito will be a tough match up for him.

Great news but it sucks that the UFC passed on Sok.

I think shoguns ground game is vastly under rated at times, so even if tito did take him down, I think he would fair well on the ground, that being said tho I dont think tito would be able to deal with his untamed aggression that well, he doesnt like getting hit and shogun would give him all he could handle lol

Kool. great to see him fight in the Cage. give him Forrest or the dean of mean. Shit give him Bonner for his first fight.

Glad to hear it.

I wouldnt dismiss Tito so easily, though Shogun would be the favourite. Shogun doesnt have Chucks takedown defence and if Tito can take him down there is always a chance he can get a decision.

Id give him someone like Bonnar or Griffin(Probably Bonnar since they would not want Griffin destroyed as he is so popular) since neither have much power and thus carry little risk of freak KO in his first fight.

"Better give him a big fight in case he gets CroCop'ed." true so true. I think he will be ok though.

He already got Colemaned, so he got his fluke loss out of the way early.

You can throw him to the wolves now. He'll be okay.

I thought that Sok was still deliberating on his choices.

UFC LHW division is stacked! There are gonna be some really good matchups coming soon.

UFC 76: Chute Boxe Invasion!!

OK Dana, you have Wanderlei, you have Shogun, now bring back the stomps and soccer-kicks to go with it.

I talked to Shogun yesterday, and he was unsure where he was fighting (be it UFC or Pride). He should know soon however. The interview will be up on soon if it's not already.

they'll feed him some mid-level light heavy like lambert or jardine....he'll walk through them and take on the winner of hendo/rampage....then chack (after a tune up fight) will take on the winner of hendo/rampage v. much as i hate monoplolies, i love that we get match-ups like these now


He is rumored for UFC 76 in Sept. right now.