Shogun vs Franklin @ 205?

The versions that showed up against Chuck.  


Who wins and how?

While Shogun isn't exactly a master in the same sense Saenchai is, he's great at finding the chin.  Rich was never a defensive master.  Shogun tags him and ends it by KO.  It'd probably be a pretty exciting kickboxing fight up until that point.

Pride or ufc rules?

Franklin by outworking and then stopping Shogun.

Shogun walks through rich with viciousness, no probs

not many dudes ate a shogun and went on to win the fight

short list

Shogun at his best would wreck Franklin imo.


EckY - Shogun at his best would wreck Franklin imo.

at his best ? juiced ?

Lights Out Lurker - I've never (in UFC) seen Shogun look good besides against Machida. The other fights he won he got a flash I would pick any version of Franklin to beat any version of Shogun .