Shogun Vs Gustaf

Don't know if posted already but Gus is the favorite Phone Post

saw it a couple days ago but still good to hear Phone Post

Shogun needs to train with rafael for this fight and stay at kings mma there they can push him Phone Post

 shogun has trouble with taller guys.

It's no surprise Gus is the favorite, he has looked more dangerous than shogun in recent fights, but I would not count shogun out! He brings experience a lot more power, and a better ground game than Gus does! If he could dial in his cardio I pick him to win this fight!

A change of camps is a must for him in this fight! Phone Post

I'm a huge fan of Gus, but this is a horrible matchup for him in my opinion. I see him controlling most of the fight, but Shogun will either finish him late or steal a decision win with a few well-timed knockdowns. Will be an unreal fight.