Shogun vs KenShamrock

this should be a good tune up fight for Shogun and also to introduce him to the UFC base

Dana, make it happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Babalu or Ken, ether

Babalu is a serious challenge for anyone; you want to put Shogun over for the fans for his first fight, not have him possibly lose.

Isn't Babalu the only loss on Shogun's record? Back in that tournament he beat Jeremy Horn the same night.

Seems like Babalu loses whenever he fights someone really good, though. Shogun would have his way with him, this isn't 4 or 5 years ago.

Babalu would be a great intro, he's had some exposure and Shogun will beat him down hard.

Babalu would be a great second fight I think any one who likes to stand up and fight would be a good first fight

Shogun also has a loss to Coleman (injury TKO) but he wouldnt nescacarilly walk through Babalu either. Babs has had some bad luck but I wouldnt assume he would lose this fight. Could look just like the first fight if he fought smart.

SteveD, I disagree...Shogun's striking is too viscous. Babalu can't handle that kind of striking. Shogun's probably better on the ground, too. The only thing any bit even is their wrestling.

couldnt go any worse for ken that it did quinton or arona