shogun vs randleman

there supposed to fight at the US pride show according to the website. shold be a good fight who is everyone picking to win? id have to go with shogun by just plain outworking kevin.


Shogun will win.

You are not going to manhandle Shogun. He has gained strength and weight in the past 3 years. And he is still not even 25 years old.

No kicks to a downed opponent will put Shogun at a huge disadvantage.

What's the latest on Shogun's arm?

Hard to tell with Randleman. Aside from the Mirko ko, not being on the winning end much in the past few years. I am kind of interesting in the match-up. But I say Shogun gets a tko.

I gotta admit, I'm rooting for Randleman.....Shogan by KO

kevin has a 10% chance to beat anyone/ but shogun should rule this