Shogun vs Ryoto Machida

Is the fight I'm looking forward to. This should be Shoguns first fight in the UFC. I think this could quite possibly be the main event. If not the main even then the co-main event.

Twick, whatever happened with your internet fight(s)? Did you kick anyone's ass yet?

GOOD FIGHT. This is an intriguing matchup.

Lyoto is a good counterfighter. Shogun likes to turn up the heat. This would make for fireworks.

No way the UFC pits Machida against Shogun.

Would be  a great fight for all of us that know a lot about mma but might not be a big seller due to casual fans not knowing who either of them are. Might be better to put Shogun against a big name so he will get instant recognition.

they could easily hype up Lyoto and Shogun.

Say Shogun Destroyed rampage . and that Lyoto HUMILIATED Rich Franklin.


"Bad fight as Lyoto could embarass Shogun and ruin his credibility Cro Cop style. Dana will feed Shogun a few cans that Shogun can dominate."

That's my point. This fight will not happen any time soon. They (UFC) learned their lesson.

the ufc dont care about these pride guys losing, i dont know why people keep saying that. dana would love to see crocop get ktfo of the ufc and shogun too.

nobody but the pride huggers look at these guys as unbeatable machines. when they put GG against cop they felt it was a good matchup and could go either way. although cop was the favorite.

thier not going to put shogun on a can diet, maybe 1 intro but that will be all

good match-up, im a big fan of both, but i'd say SHOGUN.

Good Fight!!

Lambert, Forrest, the Lyoto vs Shogun before putting him in a title fight probably

Shogun via not weighing 199lbs