Shogun vs. Snake GIF (spoiler)

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WTF lol.

headstomps are exciting, but i think they're a bit too dangerous.

I agree...knees to the head while on the ground is pretty brutal but i think stomps are just flat out deadly

the ref was standing too far away from the action IMO

Wow nice stomp

fuck that was brutal, the head looks like a soccer ball that needs more air
in it.

I wonder, the day someone dies from a headstomp, will the MMAcommunity think it was worth it?

could have been way worse if he connected with the heel

World Cup 2010.

" headstomps are exciting, but i think they're a bit too dangerous."

you're kidding?

The guy wasn't even out.

I think that Mirkos kick on Silva looked way more dangerous. What would you guys choose: to be on the end of that stomp or on the wrong end of Mirkos kick?

lol at "deadly".

That's nothing to lol about. That shit hurts. ;-)

I bet it does, but I can't stand people calling things "deadly" in MMA given all the deaths in so many other sports that don't face the same scrutiny.

The Snake almost knocked Shogun the fuck out. Shogun was afraid to stand with him LOL where is that gif?

If he heel stomped him he would be dead.

"Shogun was afraid to stand with him "

Shogun aint stupid. Any smart MMAer should be vary of standing up with a worldclass striker...

that is great

be wary of a striker with limbs ten inch longer than yours yes.

Stomps are far less damaging than knees, I have been stomped and kneed, stomps are only worse on concrete.

Iv'e seen diabate in Cage Rage twice losing both by sub, (I think).

He's so tall that he can't build any muscle and so gets thrown around on the floor to easily.

I don't think he will ever be a force he's to one dimensional.