Shogun will beat Machida!

Everyone is so dead set on a Machida win. I really like him but this is his first brush with fame and pressure.

His open training was reminiscent of Rocky 4.

Don't count Shogun out.

Shogun has the best chance of anyone outside of Anderson Silva. If Shogun doesn't win this, I expect Machida to be the champ for a long time.

I agree Farmer Shogun is going to have a brawl in there. A real test for Machida. I'm a fan of both fighters.

Shogun is pretty much LHW last hope of beating Machida for a long time. I think he'll pull it off, but like Irish said, it wont be easy. Machida is always game.

 Shogun is great but I think he is outmatched in every category of skill tonight.

Machida finishes him probably in second round by choke after knocking him down a few times beforehand.

I think you mean Rocky 3

shogun wins imo

cleetdog I stand corrected it was Rocky 3, Clubber Lang, at least you knew what I was talking about.

Maybe it's Rampage's next role.

This fight is a lot closer that most people think it's going to be. It's not going to be a Machida 90 second massacure which some people think it is going to be.

That said, I am still picking Machida.

If Shogun can't beat Machida there is nobody else left that really stands a chance except a healthy Tito.

I do like Shogun,but this is Machida's time.Can not wait for the fight. Should be exciting.

"Shogun will beat Machida!"

but are you 100% sure?

Of course not 100% but I did bet $200 on Shogun on sports book.

Shogun wins!

native son, no chance is not even reasonable.