Shogun win=LEGEND

I know many might already consider him a legend if he retired today but a convincing win over Hendo would make him a 1st ballot no doubt about it MMA legend. Finishes over Rampage, Overeem (twice), Arona, Machida, Chuck. Many other solid wins as well, Lil Nog, Coleman (ehhh), Forrest.

I hope it's a 5 round fight with Henderson. I love both fighters and it's a great match up.

Holy SHIT.

Shogun is already a legend.

This is a dream fight.

I'm fucking STOKED either way this goes down.

of course it would shogun already wrote his legacy tho as you said this is GREAT fight tho

Both of them are legends,,,this is a win win for the fans anyway you put it

He's already a legend IMO, a win over Hendo could help solidify his all time no. 1 LHW rank though. Phone Post

NarlyPersianDude - Wow, neither of these guys needs to do anything to prove themselves. Not only are both legends, to be sincere, both have been legends for years.

At this moment, I rank both of these terrific people, top 10 alltime, and easily.


There wasn't one mention of Hendo not being a legend.

For Shogun, I don't argue with calling him a legend right now today but how many years do you think Shogun has been a legend now? 3 years ago Shogun was only 26 years old and hadn't had 1 victory in the UFC. I can't agree with calling a 25 or 26 year old Shogun a legend already. He hadn't beaten anybody who had solidified themselves to be a legend at that point. I think people throw the world legend around too loosely.

I'm afraid there are people here who might consider Urijah Faber a legend already.

Well obviously both fighters are already legends. That's a given.

A win over Hendo would pretty much make Shogun the definitive career LHW GOAT though. Wouldn't really be debatable after that.

 daemonDragon is correct.

Its a clusterfuck trying to rank the LHW of ALL TIME...

Wand...Chuck...Shogun - these three can be mixed in all three spots.

With a Hendo win under Shogun's belt, it will be obvious he is LHW GOAT..

Wand had a Hendo win, but he also got KTFO by him too.


Hendo will H-bomb him into Bolivia but Shogun is already a legend so it doesn't really matter.

What if Hendo wins?

Also, what's the probability of that happening, in your opinion? Phone Post


All I am doing is asking what point of his career you think he became a legend and I didn't see a response. I think he has earned HOF status at this point no doubt, but scratch my head at the idea that he was a legend "years ago" and somehow it's a no brainer that he was a legends years ago already...was it his victory over Nakamura and Randleman that turned him into a legend? Could it have been before that? The win streak with Rampage, Lil Nog, Overeem and Arona look nice although with the exception of Arona, those guys became much bigger names later on. One day we're going to have to have criteria for what makes a legend. I just don't think someone who fought for less than 3 years can be a legend already. It would be different if it happened in the mid 90's but it's not.

I'm really not trying to argue, I just hope to hear your answer as to when Shogun became a legend these years ago so I can get a basis for what makes a legend in your opinion.