I heard its the shiznit. who has read it?

I read it in high-school. The weird thing is, a teacher of mine in GRADE SCHOOL suggested I read it but I never took her up on it until I got into high-school.

I was a little bit surprised by the sex in the book (my grade-school teacher suggested this book to me...a book with graphic sex scenes?).


sooo its an awesome read?

It's a pretty long read but it's interesting. Don't expect much action - a lot of it is just sort of a white European dude cast adrift in Japanese society and how he copes and adapts to fit into it. I wouldn't say it's awesome - but I thought it was good.

hmmm its a no go then thanks flash

Dude, it's a good book.

Just don't read it expecting Samurais and Ninjas running around chopping each other down every ten pages (there is a Ninja vs. Samurai battle but it's fairly late in the book).

I agree with alot of the above. If you have seen the FULL miniseries on TV, that wasnt bad. The "best parts" movie was atrocious horse shit.

The pacing is far slower than what you may remember from the TV rendition. There are many plots going on at the same time. My personal favorite out of the Clavell Asian series is Tai Pan, which was made into a horrible movie out of a good book.

These novels have too much going on in them.

Excellent book. Great miniseries.

Read it a long time ago - good book.

read it when I was 13, again at 16, and again at 22 and recently. I liked it that much

nice i still haven't gotten around to it. My friend just gave me Musashi, anyone read that?

I am almost done with Musashi...really powerful parts but like people are saying with Shogun, some parts get a little bit slow too, but not that bad. Pretty cool stuff, especially if you like duels, sword battles, and japanese philosophy.

Just finished Musashi... it's a good story about self-discipline, perseverance, and attaining life's goals. The action is good and the love story is good as well. The characters are really well developed, but towards the end of the book many irrelevant characters are introduced.