Shohei Ohtani hits home run

Didn’t see a thread on this. Shohei Ohtani throws a 100+ mph fastball and then hits a dinger.


It’s discussed some in another thread. But the things this guy does are just ridiculous. It’s not just 101 heaters. It’s the velocity with his slider and splitter that are just a nasty combo. Add in he can hit absolute bombs like that it is just crazy. If he stays healthy and is anything like he’s shown capable of being he will be the MVP. They guy is a total freak.

The dude is obviously talented. However, he has no shot of being an MVP while pitching and playing a position. He’s prone to injuries and there’s just too much on the plate.

I think he would have a shot at a cy young if he only pitched and could stay healthy. He has elite stuff.

I also think the dude could possibly be a contending MVP type player if they just stuck him in right field. He’s blazing fast, would have the best arm in the majors at a position and elite power. It would be interesting to see if he could be a 30/30 type guy while hitting 280 or 290. He has so many skills. It’s pretty ridiculous.

This was posted in the “Lets talk baseball” thread but really it’s worthy of it’s own thread.

Non baseball fans do not realize how amazing it is to pitch 101mph(8 pitches were clocked at 100mph) and be able to not only hit a hr as a pitcher but crush it 450 feet.

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