Shonie Carter in M-1 tourney

With teammate Brian Gassaway being out of the M-1 8 man tournmanet tomorrow, Shonie Carter who was their to corner Brian has stpped into the tournament on 24 hours notice. This 8 man tournament includes UFC veteran Andrei Semenov and the main event on the M-1 card is Alexander Emelianenko vs Carlos Barreto.

The event starts in about 12 hours.

what happened to brian??

not sure.

best of luck to shonie.


holy crap!

That's awesome. Can you imagine Carter vs. semenov in the finals?

Good Luck Shonie! Hows Brian?

Go Shonie!!!


Go Shonie

go shonie! the pimp will leave his mark in russia.

i was realy excited for brian, but shit happens.

best of luck to shonie. hope he wins it all.

I was cornering Shonie for his M-1 fight......... HE GOT ROBBED BIG TIME!
He ll explain better than me but he won that fight!


Nothing new here. If you take a look on the complete results of the show, yoll see that every fight wich went to judges decision de russian fighter was declared the winner.

Cyrilledia:could you tell us if this happened on the others fights?

Peace and''um grande abra├žo'''


ttt for the inside scoop

robbed in russia... dayum... sounds BAD..


Tough luck Shonie....lots of potentially good match ups in the tourney. Any Pride updates???