Shonie Carter injured/Pulls out of fight

He was to fight tomorrow in Ontario, but has an injury.

This article also discusses fight promoters who have been arrested for conducting illegal fights.


 "Fighter Shonie Carter was to be the headliner but, due to an injury, he had to back out, Procyk said. Carter will still be on hand to meet and greet the fans and cheer on the fighters in the eight to 11 bouts scheduled."

TTT for Mr. International!

He just fought on the 12th in Denver against John Cronk.

I hope he's OK.

 ttt   ?????????????????????

One of my most favorite UFCs was UFC 33. While a lot of people thought it was the worst UFC ever (And after watching it on tape I agree) I had the pleasure of sitting right behind Shonie as he gave me and my bro as well as the people around us in attendance a play by play of most of the fights . He had us rolling all night and little did I know how horrible the event was till I got back home and logged on the UG.

Get well soon Shonie!

Wonder if Shonie will be healthy for his May 30th fight in Indiana?


^Me too!

Get Well Shonie.


 LOL @ the angry hick.  Put that on the other thread about nick names!

 Just interviewed Shonie about an hour ago, he's good to go for the 30th.