ShootHook 4 - Aug 8

ShootHook 4 is set for August 8, 2009!!! for more info

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Many tournaments restrict some techniques in order to limit the number of injuries incurred by the competitors. While we at ShootHook believe that this is certainly a good idea for newcomers to the sport, we also think that it sometimes hinders the game of many more experienced grapplers. For this reason we have limited technique restrictions.

Technique Restrictions
No Heel Hooks or Neck Cranks

Beginner, Teen, Women & Master
No Heel Hooks

No Restrictions

No Restrictions

Check out the new belts for the CATCH division CHAMPS!!!

We just got new pics of all the awards for ShootHook 4. These are the best awards we have offered by far. We are very proud of these. I am sure that everyone who walks away with these things will be proud to show them off as well.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place medals in all grappling divisions.

Cup trophies for winners of the 3 absolute divisions. (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced)

Championship belts for the winners of the Catch Wrestling divisions. (Light Heavyweight - under 200lbs and Heavyweight - 200+lbs)