Shooting that wounded 3 women at Dallas salon was not hate crime, police say

Not considered a hate crime…no description of suspect…

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Zero information on who the shooter was. The shooter is still at large. Someonetimes asking the public for help actually produces leads, weird that they would leave out the description in light of this.

Also worth noting, they don’t know who did the shooting, but can safely say unequivocally it was not hate-related. Sensing something here… 3 asians in a salon were shot in cold blood, no suspect description and def. not hate.


It seems like they usually determine early 20s tall black man with dreadlocks and face tats is too general a description to bother releasing.


When white people shoot up public places is it a hate crime?
Is that what you guys are saying? When a white kid shoots up a school its a hate crime? When a black person shoots in a public space its not a hate crime?

Yeah when a white person shoots black people its charged as a hate crime.

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When black kids beat up asians, do they get charged with a hate crime?

Would it be a hate crime if i white guy mowed down a dozen people at a Kwanzaa parade in a SUV?

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A lot of Asians are still under the impression they are at high risk for hate crimes from white folk. Yeah, we may get frustrated with your driving, but you’re mostly worried about the wrong group, dummies.

Fuckin right it would. They would hold vigils at the White House, make it a national holiday, enact new laws, create new branches of the alphabet agencies, the whole nine yards.

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White guys might beat up some Asian pussy but we aint interested in punching elderly asian men LOL