Shooting w/ Gi

I'm having a difficult time shooting doubles and low singles with the gi on. I get a lot of stiff arms and I'm unable to reach the legs. Do any wrestlers turned bjj'ers have some good tips for shots done wearing a gi?

I know I need to learn some grip breaking and some basic judo would be great, but for right now, I need help with the shots. Thanks in advance.

The only real difference with shooting with the gi, is that you aren't able to tie up and shoot in as freely.  It's a habit for almost anybody that in a gi match, when you tie up, guys go for collar and sleeve control immediately.  It's going to slow your shot for sure.  You're going to have to dance around a little, use some feints and set up your shot like that.  It can be a pain in the ass fighting off the grips, if your goal is to shoot in.  You should also look into some Judo as well.


I hardly tie up when wearing a gi. At least with the people I have gone against, they are ususally not expecting a double.

Don't hit a normal shot if they have a hand or two on your gi. Simple as that.

judoka know this truth. :-)

Thanks for the tips. Kai, could you possibly list a type of shot that is good for when the guy has a hand or two on the gi?

Get the Mario Sperry Master Series 2 takedowns tape...

amen...dont come to grips.

It's really less of a shot, More of a hip pop with a change of levels to get under the arms...

It all depends on what they are doing.

My instructor always advises flaring your elbows to get him to raise his arms THEN making the level change.

learn gripping and ripping


do you mean throwing off the grip with other throws or specifically morote-gari? just curious.

you could spend 5 years with nothing but grip fighting from the standing position...yes, its that much of an art in itself!