Shooto 3th May Results!

Fight 1 : Yu Shiori (PUREBRED Omiya) def. Kotobukimaru (Akimoto Dojo Jungle Junction) by 3-0 decision (20-19,20-18,20-18)

Fight 2: Hiro def. Shinichi Hanawa by 3-0 Decision (19-18,19-18, 19-18)

Fight 3 : Tomonari Kanomata (Musashi Murayama Dojo) def. Takayuki Okouchi (PARAESTRA Tokyo) by 3-0 Decision (20-18, 20-18, 20-18)

Fight 4: Takeshi Yamazaki (Grabaka) def. Antanas Jazbutis (Lithuania) by Submission (Armlock) Round 1 4:10

Fight 5: Rumina Sato (K'z Factory) def. Erikas Peitras (Lithuania) by Round 2 Submission (Triangle Choke) 2:20

Fight 6: Takaharu Murahama (Gracie Barra/Japan) def. Kenichiro Togashi (PARAESTRA Hiroshima) by 3-0 decision (30-27, 30-28, 30-28)

Fight 7: Kentaro Imaizumi (SK Absolute/Japan) def. Jin Akimoto (Akimoto Dojo Jungle Junction) by 3-0 Decision (30-26, 30-27, 29-27)

Fight 8 : Mamoru (STG Yokohama) def. Hiroaki Yoshioka (PARAESTRA Tokyo) by Round 3 TKO 4:41

Fight 9: Hiroyuki Takaya (Tanaka Juku/Japan) def. Stephan Paling (Jesus is Lord/USA) by Round 1 KO (High Kick) 2:11

Fight 10 : Akira Kikuchi (K'z Factory ) def. Jutaro Nakao (STG Osaka) by 2-0 Decision (30-29, 29-29, 30-29)

great event, brutal ko by Takaya, and Akira beat Nakao!.

Takaya has been a surprise!

Draw with Roque in January, now TKO Palling!

Will Pequeno be the next?

Any details on the fights?

As Paling was KO-ed, can he fight again in less than 3 months in July?

60 days in principle... 45 days for a less damaging KO, 90 days for something more severe (like several minutes of unconsciousness).

Not sure what Bozo's KO was like.

It was pretty bad, unconcious for awhile not sure how long though. I can ask my friend who was ringside taking pictures.

I cornered for Bozo. He wasn't out for more than 10- 15 seconds. By the time Gomi and I got into the ring he was coming to.


So do you know if he can fight next July? Or if he is aware of the risks involved on fighting so soon after a knockout?

As far as I know, He wants to fight, but it's up to Shooto to make it happen. I can say this much, Bozo is feeling fine and will be back in the gym come monday. Thanks for the website very informative.