Shooto C class in Melbourne

Just giving everybody in Melbourne notice now that Extreme will be hosting a Shooto C class show on the 6th / 7th of December.

This event will be used as the feeder to the next larger show to be put in Melbourne early in the new year. The tape will also be sent to Japan.

In C class there are no ground strikes, and all fighters must wear head gear and shin pads, so this makes it the ideal introduction into MMA.

Excellent news! Huge props to John and Larry for bringing Shooto to Melbourne!


Cool...How long are the rounds and how many rounds are there in C class and do you still wear the grappling gloves?

2x5min rounds i think...

Nice!!!! Now, will there be some C class events early next year as well? Also, more info on the times, weight classes etc would be great.




I think it's 2x3mins but I could be wrong also...?


sounds like a great feeder type event/idea

I'd like to get some more info on it, can you email me at Southerncross?


I like Geralds rounds better than Brendons. I also would love to know the fighting weights!

TTT for any more info.


I heard last night it is either 1x 5min round or 2x 3min rounds. Thats about all i found out.

SouthernCross, thanks for the email, its returned with interest ;)

thanks mate

I thought it was a good night. I was on a table with quite a few people who had never seen MMA before, including some women, and they all really enjoyed it also.

Cris Browns fight was definately the best of thre night, but I think Travers Grubb was the most impressive fighter. I can see him going a long way in the sport if he wants to.


My e-mail is



Can all interested parties please contact John Donehue asap to confirm names and weights etc....

03 9568-4999

Anyone here going in it?

ttt for Sen,

Had my address screwed up.


C-Class Shooto Rules

2 x 3 min rounds

Punch, Kick and Knee standing to Head, body and legs

No striking at all on ground

All submissions legal except neck/spinal locks and cranks

Competitors must bring their own headgear, Groin cup, knee shin and instep pads as well as mouth peice.

Gloves are supplied by ASC.

Weigh in day before.

What sort of head gear is worn?
Boxing head gear?

Amateur boxing headgear IABA approved.

Opportunity still exists for amateur fighters who wish to compete in the C-Class Shooto competiton to be held on Saturday 6th December in Melbourne.

For information, rules and application forms please contact

Larry Papadopoulos on 02 9283 6421 or email