Shooto fighter seeks sponsor

Greetings! Long time forum lurker here.
I am posting today to solicit your help in finding sponsorship for my friend Marcos "Loro" Galvão. He will be fighting to become the challenger for the Shooto featherweight belt on May 18 at Shooto, in Tokyo.
For those who don't know of him, Loro, from Nova União, was a world and Brazilian JiuJitsu champion at pretty much every belt before dedicating himself entirely to MMA, after receiving his black belt from André Pederneiras. He is 5w 1l, which was a decision to current Shooto World champion Akitoshi Hokazono.
For fear of the FRAT, I will keep it to this for now.

I put up a bunch of his fights up on

you can see all the rest by looking up "johntradutor" on youtube

Any help from you guys would be greatly appreciated.

Good luck with the sponsorship. I'll see you at Korakuen Hall,..I'll be

  • Juggs

That's awesome, Juggs! Unfortunately, I will not be there. I'm just trying to help Loro out as much as I can before he goes. Hopefully this will set up a championship fight for him. He deserves it.

Juggs, are you going to fight, or watch?

Louro is a tough tough dude. His standup looked much improved against Uematsu.

Louro's fighting Kenji Osawa next isn't he??


hey Yves....will you please E-mail me.

Yes, Einux, he will fight Osawa. This fight supposedly will decide who will fight Akitoshi Hokazono for the title. I agree that Loro's stand up has improved a lot. In his fight with Fredson he was already a lot better but he was very cautious. He trains a lot all the time and should only show more facets of his game from now on.

Thanks for the TTT Yves

Shooto's 132 division is stacked.

Hokazono, Osawa, Louro, Atsushi, Okazaki, and Ueda just to name a few.

I was reading the notes from Japan thing over at Sherdog. What is going on with Ryota Matsune? Is he still having problems with his knee?

Sorry Einux, I have no idea about Matsune's knee. Juggs, who posted above, might know, as he is either in Japan or going to be.