July 9th Hawaii

Alexandre F. Nogueira vs. TBA
Rumina Sato vs. Bao Quach
Stephen Palling vs. Jens Pulver
Vitor 'Shaolin' Ribeiro vs. Mitsuhiro Ishida
Masanori Suda vs. Dustin Denes
Jake Shields vs. Ray Cooper

Oner of the best cards I've seen in Shooto. Pulver vs palling will be a war. I can't wait.

That is one of the best Shooto cards EVA!

Wow, fantastic card....I'm surprised this one's in Hawaii. It looks like the type of card they would put on in Japan on August or December.

Are Shields-Cooper, Suda-Denes, and Shaolin-Ishida title fights?

Same question goes for Nogueira's match.

Anyone know what venue this event will be held in? I'm gonna try to make it to this one, and want to stay in a hotel close to the venue.

Cooper/Shields 2 and Clean/Suda are definitely going to be title fights. Don't know about Shaolin or Pequeno.

If card stays in card hawaii has eva seen!

It is at the Blaisdell... I was coming in to judge, but my schedule will not allow it.

Last I heard, Shaolin and Pequeno will not be defending their belts.

Thanks Rich.

paling vs pulver is still in the works. also this might be the first ever father/son (palings) card in hawaii.

ttt Kawasakiyo you matched up with anybody for this card .

Great card!

To Daimon Hellstroms question, no not all fights
are title fights, but some are. I will post which
fights are title fights. Thanks kawasakio for
bringing up that awesome thread!!!!!!



Nice card!! I wish I was in Hawaii..

nice card.

Shit how much for the tickets man!

I can't wait for this event!

right on Suda is coming back to Hawaii.

Pulver v. Paling

Shaolin v. Ishida

i know i will be there to see it. looks like a great card.