Shooto Hawaii is back March 26, 2004. Amateur and Pro fighters wanted. Check out the the website for more information if you want to compete at

What's up gman24. Anything for me? Are you fighting?

I emailed to
Is that the right address?
Thanks Mike


kawasakiyo i brought it up to the promoters. so we'll see. but i don't think there's much guys in hawaii that would want to face you. i would love to see you vs harvey nakamura though.

you have email..



awesome news!

all you wanna mma fighters this is a great opportunity to showcase your skills in a very safe fighting format. as far as i know in amatuer shooto, the fighters will use headgear, and shin guards for additional protection. and if i'm not mistaken there is no striking on the ground. so all who is interested in giving mma a try here's your chance. afterall why fight as an amatuer with the professional rules. check out for more information.

I am very interested in a pro bout.

Charles McCarthy

Thanks gman24, fighting or not I'll be there. If you guys need help with anything, let me know.

kawasakiyo how fast are your planning on winning your next match in punishiment in paradise?

gman24 if he's on it, I'll say it'll end sometime in the first round.

I don't know, I'll try my best. Anything can happen, I could be the one who gets finished.

It is at Campbell H.S. Gym on Oahu...

TTT for Shooto Hawaii

What's up Rich. Will you be there? Hope to see you again.


I wish I could be there... I love Hawaii (for the people mostly, altough the whole paradise thing is pretty nice too).

I will make it back out there down the road. We have lots going on in the main-land, so it is tough to clear my schedule... But I hope to be there again soon, to work with everyone and help contribute to SHOOTO's growth out there...

Take care


check out check out the poster....

I should drop one off saturday!!

Sorry didn't mean to bomb the thread!!

Rich - Too bad, I hope to see you in the near future.

PFCHawaii - Thanks, see you on Saturday.

Scitex - You're a Fat Nerd.

Kyle Takao