The 3:rd of October SHOOTO INITIAL COLLISION will be held in the Arena of Fryshuset in Stockholm, Sweden. The competition is arranged by Shooto Sweden, which is the official Swedish representative for SHOOTO. This type of event generally draw up to 3000 spectators in Scandinavia.

Tjena Mikael!

Good to see Jason Brudvik in a mma fight. I believe this guy to be one of the top non gi grapplers in the world.

This is Great... The European Shooto scene (especially in Scandinavia) is something special. Good luck with the event.

Rich Santoro, Commissioner

Shooto Americas

Hej Bobby

Murilo Bustamante is coming to SHOOTO INITIAL COLLISION.

SHOOTO 'Initial Collision'

Place: Fryshusets Arena, Stockholm, Sweden
Date: October 3rd, 2004

(Card subject to change):
- Kristian Helde (Shootfighting Stockholm) X Robert Nilsson (Pancrase gym)
- Dion Staring ( Tatsujin Dojo) X Markus Halkosaari (Finnfightersgym)
- Matteus Lähdesmäki (SHOOTO Lahti) X Arash Pourmanouchehri (Hilti BJJ)
- Vesa Vuori (Team Scandinavia) X Taiyo Blazej Sawinski (Freestyle Club Stockholm)
- Musse Hasselvall (Pancrase Gym) X David Lejenäs (Hilti BJJ)
- Mikael Lähdesmäki (Shooto Lahti) X Navid Yosefi (Hilti BJJ)
- Arttu “Animal” Nyman (Team Scandinavia) X Fredrik Sjöberg (Shootfighting Stockholm)
- Oliver Ellis (Freelancer) X Jani Lax (Team Scandinavia)

European Tournament Fight
- Sauli Heilimö (Team Scandinavia) X Rafles la Rose (Tatsujin Dojo)
- Jakob Sverre Lovstad (Team Scandinavia) X Bobby Rehman (Pancrase Gym)
- Valdas Polevicius (Knight of Plunge) X David Bielkheden (Team Scandinavia)