SHOOTO: Ironheart Crown, June 5th

HAMMOND, IN - Since its debut in 1999, the Ironheart Crown has lived up to its vision of growth and improvement with every show. On June 5th, 2004, the
production will once again exceed all expectations to provide local fans with more bang for their buck... With SEVEN Class-A bouts on the card, this promises to be the most action-packed showcase of skill ever witnessed on the U.S. Shooto scene! Headlining is local standout and Keith Hackney protege Gideon Ray, who will take on UFC veteran Curtis Stout in what promises to be a hailstorm. This fight represents one of the many quarterfinal bouts set for this event, all of which are part of several tournaments in 5 different weight classes, that will serve to crown the Shooto Americas Champion in each division. Goto for tickets and information. for the updated line-up (under news section) and other Shooto news.



Thanks guys... I want to give a shout out to Jason Ireland. He was set to face Justin Wisniewski, in what was the bout I was personally looking forward to the most.

Jason was hit by a car and suffered a hip-dislocation and is obviously unable to fight.

Here's to Jason and a speedy recovery.

Hope to see Jason back in the ring very soon . He sounded a little down yesterday when I spoke with him . I expect him to come back better than ever .



Thanks Randy & Rich. Hopefuly all will work out and I'll be in the cage or ring sometime. For right now I'm just working on getting the hang of this sweet ass cane the doc gave me!!! Thanks again and good luck to all of those on the card.





ttt- Justin, I hope they find you a quality openent...

I think Rich said Justin would be fighting Sam Morgan . Morgan beat Reily for those of you who don't know him . I like this fight alot very interesting match-up . I still want to see Jason fight Justin . Maybe down the road when he's all healed up .

That is a great card.

Great card. I cant wait to see this event.

Jason I hope you get better soon. I think you should still fight but be allowed to use the cane against your opponent! LOL By the way, I put your fight against Tom Kirk on the video magazine.

Damn! Get better quick should get a sweet pimp cane!

Damn! Jay that sucks bro I hope you get better soon.