Shooto Lithuania tapes and clips

I am interested in watching something about Shooto Lithuania show. Any help would be very appreciated.
I am particullary interested in having a look to KESTUSTIS SMIRNOVAS, a local fighter.



have you tried



Hic Sunt Leones



Thanks for the help.

cool, I am a lithuanian - didn't know they have mma over there.

In one edition they had Fedor fighting there....

I dunno, but I saw some clips on ZST and the Lithuanians were SICK strikers. Hard, accurate and aggresive strikers, but not proportionately skilled on the ground. If those guys bring their ground game up to the level of their striking, they will be a force to contend with (if they are not already.)




I have 7 or 8 Shooto/Rings Lithuania videos but
they are all recorded from TV. The show with Fedor
is on Japanese DVD.

Good, you have mail....

According to the card, Ricardus Rocevicius vs Volk Han will be the main event on November 20th. If anyone know the Lithuania language or knows of any news from this, please translate. Dino, can you translate some of the news on this page so we can figure out what is happening with the Volk match?