Shooto pictures

can a blue namer post these? Thanks

I got the digicam for christmas, I think its fairly obvious I am the definition of an amateur photographer. I like my shot of Curtis Stout tho. In case you are wondering, my battery died before the Lytle/Spratt match.

post em!!

why can't people just go look at them at the website?

told ya.

Thanks Extreme.

It says the page cannot be found? I'll keep trying!!!!

pics are not loading.

I would recommend getting rechargable set usually lasts me a whole weekend at the shows.

Have fun with the camera

pics should be loading again. Had to restart my server


Fuck I still get red X's, even when I go to the URL it's a small red X????

Works for me. I just made the pics smaller so they don't take 2 hours to load.

I did the same thing on my thread!

Yeah, I'm gonna chalk that up to a lesson learned

I'm pissed that I only had enough battery for one shot of the Steibling/Rogers fight and nothing left for Lytle/Spratt. Owell

I still cannot see your pics!
I can email you an ImageResizing Program, very easy!!

If you want it, email me

you have mail.

my server sucks

I do see your images now!! Nice shots!!

Do you have any more pics anywhere?

Phil Johns fought like a man possessed, I cant even begin to tell you how impressed I was with him. Although an old man in a young mans game, I as well as the others that I was with feel that he is in the top 5 at his weight class.

I know Phil wanted this fight badly. I dont think he is in the top 5, but I still think he has some good fights in him if he stays in shape. I always wish he would spread out his training a bit and try to work out with MFS again.