Shooto- Wisniewski gets subed

full results

Kyotaro Nakao (STG Yokohama) DRAW Sakae Kazuya (K'z Factory)

Riki Fukuda (Purebred Tokoyo) def. Masaya Inoue (Paraestra Kakogawa)

BJ (AACC) def. Daiji Takahashi (K'z Factory)
Decision (3-0)

Middleweight bout
Shinya Aoki (Paraestra Tokyo) def. Keith Wisniewski (DVT)
Submission (armbar) 2:22 R1

Welterweight bout
Ganjo Tentsuku (Purebred Omiya) def. Takumi (Paraestra Osaka)
Decision (3-0)

(Non Title)
Mamoru (STG Yokohama) def. Junji Ikoma (Chokushin Kai)
Decision (3-0)

(Non Title)
Masanori Suda (Club J) def. Brian Ebersole (AKA)
Submission (rear naked choke) 2:59 R3

Koutetsu Boku (Purebred Tokyo) def. Ryan Bow (Purebred Omiya)
Decision (2-0)


"Ouch...Aoki isn't that great, from what I've been told. "

He's pretty good,actually.This was like his 3rd or 4th profight.

unorthodox move. wait til u see the tape. keith is a better overall fighter than that kid IMO. time will surely tell.

Keith has been on a roll as of late. I still want to see him in the UFC.

ttt for "time will surely tell".

it sure did.