Shoresy got his own spin-off show!

Give your balls a tug!



ok, how are they going to do that when the actor who plays Wayne also did the voice of Shoresy?

Fuck you, Shoresy!

By acting!

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Idk but I bet it will be hilarious

Watching rp 1 now. Lots of shoresy lines of course. Not sure how they’ll cobble together a season of this though.

I though the same thing, but then remembered they have cobbled together 10 seasons of a bunch of hicks, skids, and hockey players doing not much of anything in Letterkenny. At least Shoresy appears to have a narrative arc.

Tit fucker

He is the funniest part of Letterkenny. They should keep his face hidden like they do in the other show.

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Watched the first 2 episodes last night. It’s an easy 20 min to watch but ultimately Shoresy works better as a foil to the other hockey players on Letterkenny. Give your balls a tug.

I’m hoping they do a crossover episode where Wayne shows up, and they only show him from the back.