Shorinji Kempo effective?

I just found out that in a college I'm going to, there is a Shorinji Kempo club. I would like to know if this is effective for stuff like MMA or not. Thanks

Shorinji Kempo is different than the Chow/Mitose kempo that is more prevalant in the US. It is An Okinowian form of Kempo that has its roots in southern shaolin Kung fu. (Shorinji is Japanese for Shaolin)

As far as it effectiveness, go check it out. See how it is taught, see if you like the teaching methods. Even within the same branch of kempo you will see wide variance of what is taught and how realistic the sparring is.

alright, thanx

I know a guy on e-budo who's a shorinji pract. He was accosted by two drunks, broke the one's nose and the other fled.

Seems to me to be a very systematic method of striking training, but a little heavy on the philosophy.

Very aggressive forward moving style. Or it was when my tai chi instructor taught me some of the system.

From what I know, Shorinji Kempo is a japanese style founded by Doshin So in the years after WWII. I gather that its a bit heavy on the religion/philosophy side, though that might not be the case outside Japan. They have the Buddhist swastika as their logo and higher grades wear black robe/coat over their gis. I saw a class once and it loked pretty much like traditional karate to me, mixed with joint-locks, etc.

is it effective? just ask Pancrase Fighter Yuki Kondo who is a 2ed dan in Shorinji Kempo.

I guess that answers my question, thx mark of the wolf.