Short distance running routines?

Has anyone got a ideas for running routines? Preferably for 400m, 800m and 1500m.

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I'll bump this for others but you might check out or do a search for a good 5K program on google.

One I like to use when I'm starting back out is to run x distance as hard as I can then walk half of x and repeat.

Then I cut the first distance in half and use the same formula until I'm sprinting half laps at the track.

But I'm not looking for any kind of specific time or distance training I'm just f'n around.


Oh and you might check out the forums on those folks were real helpful to me when I was running alot back in the day.

Any ideas for running when you dont have access to a track??

I think this is hopefully going to help, it's pretty
rough though, good luck.

here's a couple you may want to try:

run 3 metres HARD.


run 4 metres HARD.

do not do these on consecutive days or you may rupture yourself.

They say that trail running is slow and strong. It works many more of your muscles than road running. I can attest to this being true. Also, running on the ground is better for your joints. The ground absorbs shock that roads do not.
Perhaps I don't need to say this. Just make sure you warm up good with easy running. Then do your work out. Then, afterward, run easy to aid in recovery. It works.

I like to use 100 Meter sprints and work up from there.

For example, sprint 100 Meter's, take a 1Min or 30 sec. rest and run 200 Meters. Rest for the same period and then run 400 Meters, then 800 Meters.

If you are feeling like a stud you could pyramid back down to 100 Meters.


nothing i have seen beats hills. run a hill that takes 30 seconds-1minute. walk back down. repeat 7-9times. puke. go home.

may not be :scientific but it rocks

"nothing i have seen beats hills. run a hill that takes 30 seconds-1minute. walk back down. repeat 7-9times. puke. go home.

may not be :scientific but it rocks"

I know a hill nearby like that. I can hear it calling my name. Steep as f*ck too.



what he said about the hill repping. your lung capacity will go though the roof.

just trained JJ with an olympic trials qaulifying sprinter. His interval workouts look something like this

2x week:

4 x 400 (rest until you get your HR down to resting for the first 2-3 weeks)
- run each one faster (70%, 75%, 85%, 90%).

8 x 200, same rest as above.

you will notice that you recover faster each week (between sprints)

*On Wednesdays, a light 2-3 mile jog.

Just checked out the articles at and alot of great info especially for fatties like me who are getting ready to start running. One article suggests running one mile then walking 60 seconds and repeat or you can run 4 minutes and walk one minute I'm going to give it a try