Short v Sherk 4/30/ MN

Friday April 30th
Minnesota Sports Cafe,Fridely Mn.

"Man of Steel" Jake Short 5'8-170
"Muscle Shark" Sean Sherk 5'6-170

i look forward to testing my skillz against one of the top fighters in the world

Man of Steel

No shit, I think you will win.

Are you any relation to James?

Good luck, he is going to be a bitch to take down, he is a better striker and near impossible to submit. If I was betting, I'd pick Sherk to bludgen ya, but if you can get the takedown, I think you could pull it off..

Wow.... Mitsu.... u just never stop do ya.....

Good luck Jake.

Good luck mang.

Good luck Jake!

Its your biggest fight ever, hope you come out on top!

Keep Trainin Hard


Jake, you know hes gunna shoot in on you. Practice your flying knee. Dont even worry about sprawling, it usually dont work. Try to jump and meet him halfway with a knee to the face. If that doesnt work, work your game and best of luck. You are fighting a mean mofo.

what event is this?

who is the promoter?

good luck by the way...

Icc.. International Cage Combat

Dan Dease

That's a tough fight to take, dude. I hope you're ready.

Jake I commend you for really stepping up and taking on the tough fights and I wish you luck. It is going to be tough bro

Looking forward to a great another great fight here in
Minnesota. Props to Jake for stepping up to fight
Sean and to the ICC for putting it together.



I think that this is going to be a great fight for the fans. Both guys have the same game,and it's going to be a battle of the take-downs. If Jake can avoid or get the take down it's going to be a war.


Best of luck, I saw your last fight, and you did a great job in getting the win over a great fighter in Melvin. I hope you get this victory as well.

Thanx Kyle... hopefull things work out and i will see ya fight agian in the FFC... Sherk is tough thats for sure... but at 170 he is my perfect oppurtunity... 5'6-170.. yea he is built like a truck.. but i am on a 5 fight win street and i have been busting my ass training... and to be honest.. i have nothing to lose in fighting sherk.. and HUGE gains if i win...i know Sherk is gonna bring his "A" game for the hometown crowd.. as will i... i will be in the best shape of my life for this fight...and to be honest...I am feeling really confident in my skillz.. LOL... My camp and i.. might be the only ones giving me a chance... but hey... i do not mind being the underdog...I promise the ICC fans are gonna see a hell of a fight on the 30th.. win or lose.... it will be a fight they will leave raving about....

Man of Steel

After watching the Short vs Guillard, I can't wait to see Jake fight in a cage again. Although I enjoyed the fight, every time Jake would get in a position to do some damage, they would have to get restarted because they were out of the ring.



What a great opportunity!!! I'll see you and the rest of the team in 1 1/2 weeks. Train hard and safe. All the best.

Team Gomez.