Shortage of legit opponents for CAIN ?

Seems to be a shortage of opponents for Current HW Champ CAIN VELASQUEZ.

We lost both Lesnar and Carwin within last yr as opponenets
He wont fight Cormier.

Already fought Dos Santos,MIr, Bigfoot Silva
Overeem has had 2 many losses

with this TOP 10 start list, really makes the Barnett/Browne winner ahead in the line to challenge.

2. Junior dos Santos

3. Daniel Cormier

4. Fabricio Werdum

5. Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva

6. Josh Barnett

7. Travis Browne

8. Frank Mir

9. Alistair Overeem

10. Mark Hunt

Who else is lurking near the TOP 10 to qualify for a Title shot?

Brendan Schaub? who else

btw, Cole Konrad not on list,

A Barnett fight is imminent I think for Cain

Stipe could get a shot, with 3-4 more wins Phone Post 3.0

He will fight Werdum, then barnett, and maybe even browne.

Also if cain and bones are both champs 3-4 fights down the road, the UFC will definitely pressure them to fight.

Anthony Johnson if he can make 265 Phone Post

werdum, barnett/browne winner then stipe could keep him busy for a year.

Barnett and Werdum are legit contenders, but HW will probably always be a shallow division. Phone Post

ok good point on STIPE working his way into contention so its...

JON JONES .... 3 or 4 fights away is like 1- `1.1/2 years, time till JONES goes up in weight

Up and comers have gotten derailed like Shaun JOrdan and Struve, any other up and comers who could challenge for a title soon?

What about STEVE MOCCO, the upcoming Wrestler turned MMA 'er, how is he coming along? be ready in 2 yrs like Cormier learned fast?

Miocic Phone Post

Gonzaga is always a powerful dark horse for the title.

Gonzaga has 11 wins in the UFC. All by KO/TKO and submission.


Great KO power in hands and feet
Great BJJ finishing skills
Great power
Good wrestling
Good endurance
Good size
Good chin

fightsfan - What about STEVE MOCCO, the upcoming Wrestler turned MMA 'er, how is he coming along? be ready in 2 yrs like Cormier learned fast?

I think Mocco has never lost to Cain Phone Post

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Anthony Johnson if he can make 265 <img src="/images/phone/droid.png" alt="Phone Post" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/>

</blockquote><br /> Doubt he can make it. Been on that seefood diet for a few years now

Gonzaga definitely a viable opponent and dangerous on any given night. All the talk of Bones moving up but perhaps Gus would be equally challenging to Cain should he ever move up. Phone Post

Werdum, Barnett/Browne, Stipe, Jon Jones.


Even Reem if he beats Mir he can get a fight with Roy Nelson or Hunt/big Foot and if he wins that he is right back in the mix. 

Cain has contenders.  He has atleast the next year to year and a half planned.

Bones in about 2 or 3 years perhaps Phone Post 3.0

He's got Werdum up next and then Barnett most likely. That should cover the next 12-14 months. In the meantime, another contender emerges. There is a smaller pool of talent available for him, but it's not time to start worrying. Plus if Jon Jones ever stops skipping leg day, HW will be his only option too. Phone Post 3.0

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DragonDidn'tDrinkEnoughPee - 

Anthony Johnson if he can make 265 Phone Post

I lol'd.

It's a lil shallow, Werdum, Barnett/Browne winner, Mocco has a ways to go homies but is prospect,

Unfortunately I am scared Overeem and Mir somehow finish each other, like a Mir submission, Reem slams out of it, KO's Mir and yet Mir breaks his limb.....both guys are done.
This is why some people hate you. You can't be the technical break down guy and the funny guy. You've got to choose, it's unfortunate, but the truth. Phone Post 3.0

fuck it give him gonzaga