Shots About To Hit The Fan

While most of the world doesn’t know it, Maricopa county Arizona is currently undergoing a MASSIVE voter ballot/voter machine Audit, for some reason the Dems have bean throwing millions of dollars of tax monies into attempting to stop this, they weren’t successful and the audit is happening this very moment but the real question is WHY would they fight an audit? That’s the one question that’s bugged me since day 1 of the fraud claim, just let them audit it, or is there something your wanting to hide? Word is coming out that shit is about to hit the fan, nothing more than that but what exactly does that mean? Gonna be interesting to see how this plays out.


Weren’t all the votes audited already several times?


As much as I would love to believe, Im sure nothing will happen


Recounted in some locations (by the same people who originally counted them). Never audited.


Ok, thanks

I think most of the world knows it. It’s popped on my news feed several times in the last week.

The media is saying ‘debunked’ a lot and connecting the recount to trump


Shit is not about to hit the fan.

I mean… given the straight propaganda and sensationalism that dominates your infosphere and thus your mind it might seem that way to you…

but in reality it’s not about to hit the fan, mate.

Why would an entity oppose such an audit? Easy: they won the election. The same reason the GOP & the Trump campaign fought against them, and against Jill Stein’s recount efforts in 2016.

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Let’s play it through… massive fraud found and it leads other suspect states to do the same audit md they look find the cheat. Now what? The media will spin the audits as bullshit but passed that what is done? Can we storm the Capitol and demand accountability? Hmmm seems like there is a reason they played the insurrection card and built walls around themselves.


Damn, havent seen this guy in awhile, then this thread, boom


Every American should be in favor of recounts and audits whether its your side or not. The idea that “your side” is incapable of any wrong doing is laughable as both sides have been guilty of doing nefarious shit throughout our country’s history. Pick a decade and each party has done fucked up shit and proven that neither side is actually that good nor honest.

Election aside, one “recent” example being the filibuster. Skyrocketed over Obamas 8 year term from previous terms. It was on a bit of an incline and then shot up to like 100 something by Repubs. Over Trumps 4 year term, it was at least doubled. NOW, Dems are fighting tooth and nail to have it removed, claiming it to be a tool of racism.

I personally thought it was inappropriately abused during Obama but that was over EIGHT years. I thought it was even more inappropriate as it was abused way move during Trumps FOUR years.

Honesty among our politicians is nearly absent and this election saw plenty of fuckery. Whether or not that fuckery actually had enough of an impact on the election to change the results isnt known but we know there was fuckery. IMO, any time theres a complete blowout (where the loser clearly had huge support) or its very close, there should should be a recount and audit. Fighting that because you’re scared that your side might have been caught lying and cheating is the very reason recounts/audits should occur.


Everyone should be in favor or audit and recounts just as everyone should be in favor of cops wearing body cams.


You are confounding, you have a strong vocabulary yet the the cognitive skills of a 2 year old, you are a walking talking conundrum. News flash “Mate”, if you sincerely “WON” anything legitimately then you wouldn’t fear that the facts that would be dug up in a legitimate audit would prove otherwise. So crumpets and tea “Mate”, crumpets and fucking tea.


Ok, so why oppose an audit then if you’re confident the result will not change?


I don’t know… if I was the fan I would be nervous. I would be wearing my raincoat…

If the fan was wearing the raincoat it would defeat the purpose of the shit hitting the fan…

No, he’s been around, he just wasn’t using his PSL account


Nytron, MPA?

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