Shots About To Hit The Fan

June comes before november you fucking idiot.

Just wait until Republicans take the majority, which is going to happen.

Oh you poor, poor pitifully stupid man. They have NOT been dismissed. They are proceeding as scheduled. See for yourself, moron.

Stop believing all the things your read in your tiny little echo chamber. They only prove you to be as fucking retarded as you always sound.

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Hur ya go

Likely the same thing last time they were in power and ran a full commission to find the voter fraud they were claiming…nothing.

I watched Mules, Warfare. It had some interesting bits, but there were some big fucking holes you could drive a truck through as well. I’m not saying they are 1000% wrong and there is nothing to this, but it’s absolutely not a definitive smoking gun by any stretch. Here are a couple of questions for you::

  1. They have video of many of the drop boxes and the data showing the same ‘mules’ going to different boxes, right? Why didn’t they show any video clips of the same mules dropping multiple ballots into multiple boxes? That would have 100% confirmed their claims as at least valid, if not the full scale of an operation. Why didn’t they?

  2. How do they know those ballots aren’t for people for whom it is acceptable to collect ? GA has an extensive list of people you CAN collect and deposit for including a large range of family and even non-familial roommates. Since they didn’t show anyone dropping ballots at multiple locations as they claim, how do I know the 4-5 ballots some of these people are delivering aren’t family? I’ve personally collected and dropped off 5 ballots at once before (mine, my wife’s, my mother’s, my grandmother’s, and my uncle) which is legal.

  3. Why did they lie about solving the Wendy’s shooting with their data? - they claimed it was a cold case and they solved it with their data and working with the FBI, in reality, the suspect turned themselves in to police in June 2020.

  4. If the Mexican Mafia has such a tight stranglehold on Yuma, Arizona that ‘they know who will win before the election,’ why did Trump win there in 2016 and 2020, and won in 2020 by a much wider margin than in 2016? If there were mules…do we know they weren’t supporting Trump?


@WARFARE doesn’t care about being proven wrong repeatedly. He’ll try to reframe and pretend otherwise. I anxiously await his return to this thread to continue getting thrashed for his stupidity.

Yeah nothing, you motherfuckers just wait, this is the first major one 82 indictments for specifically what we are talking about fuck off loser Dems.

1-0 Good Guys #trumpwon

Everything so far seems to line up with the “Trump lost fairly” theory.

If you assume Trump lost fairly, then
You would expect his claims to be laughed out of court.
You would expect investigations to routinely turn up nothing.
You would expect years of no one being charged.
You would expect to have to pay money to see the “real evidence” like you’re at Ripley’s Believe It Or Not

Seems the evidence is pointing in one direction, and not a favorable one for a sore loser.


Great solid post, except

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Lefty dumbasses tendency to ignore things that pulverize their narrative is astounding.

1 down many many many more to come.

Do you even read what you post before you post it? CAN you even read it. If so, you wouldn’t be so quick to post a link to a news story that doesn’t say what you so obviously want it to say.

Do you ever respond about the substance or so you just personally make fun of people with every post? That’s rhetorical

How does this article “pulverize the narrative”? And yes I read it, did you?

82 felony’s for him and 12 additional for a female that was also charged, you tel me, what exactly are you missing here?

I responded DIRECTLY to the substance, which you quite obviously didn’t read as that story doesn’t say what you seem to think it says. I make fun of you because of the overwhelming level of stupidity you exhibit.

Looks like Buchanan county only has 22,000 people.

Whatever happened to the old folks home voting scandal?

No you don’t, tell us your interpretation brainiac or shut the fuck up because you offer NOTHING positive to these threads, Willm



what a weak bitch you are. lol

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