Shots About To Hit The Fan

You’re not a serious person. You post an out-of-date thestandardsc . org partisan piece to support your stance and then dismiss Reuters. I had forgotten that you weren’t worth time or effort to have an honest discussion.

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You’re right in that I post screen shots, predominantly articles, sometimes Twitter and I don’t think ever from Facebook.

With the exception of fascist Lefty redditors, the rest of the world equates “fact checking” with establishment propaganda.

Completely unbiased “fact checkers”.

President and Chief Executive Officer

Jim is a director of Pfizer, Inc.

He also serves on the board of the World Economic Forum





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Any day now…any…day…

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The denthead is right…. The bell curve meme is prophetic…… the denthead and the sage are right while the normie is wrong……

Its “science”


Accelerated enslavement via executive order by phony Davos admin

I bet you’re a fucking hoot at a party.

Now is not the time to party when my country is being attacked and liberties are being destroyed by your leaders.

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Where you from? We pulled out of Afghanistan. Syria? Ukraine? IDK, America brings freedom wherever it goes.

Perhaps, probably not right to make fun of the retarded, but he’s entertaining as hell on the OG.

Thank God Cbc GIF by Strays


Welp. that’s it. Someone get Biden up and tell him to start packing, Trump’s back baby!