Shots About To Hit The Fan

In Maricopa County, from yesterday:

“In the November 2020 election, there were 2,595,272 eligible voters to vote and there were 2,890,563 who voted,” Bennett said in a video posted to social media on Saturday. “And we’re going to verify every single one of them.”


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I watched the video. He says 2,595,272 voters and 2,089,563 votes.

So not a slam dunk that there was illegal voting. But 80%+ turnout seems unlikely.

Edit: Just read the associated article that says there were 300k too many votes.

Another edit: Election result numbers from multiple websites show the lower number of votes, so no “over voting”, just unusually high turnout.

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As funny as all of this seems, it’s really not. We should all want legitimate elections, I for one will accept the findings as presented to us either way. This type of audit should me mandatory for every single state in every single major election, kind of a rudimentary concept , we have checks and balances for everything in this world except for politics so I think this is a good start.


What websites are saying no over vote? I doubt he would say those numbers without being 100% confident in them

I watched the video. The numbers that come out of his mouth are correct. The numbers used in the article are not the numbers that he said. 2,089,563 vs 2,890,563.

I checked multiple sources for the Arizona vote. All show that the 2,089,563 votes in Maricopa Co is the correct total number of votes.

The official gov’t site has them:

Edit to add, there was a ? about the voter turnout being abnormally high, in '04 and '08 the turn out was >79% for Maricopa, but it did drop to ~75% for '12 and '16. This was a high turnout election across the nation and mail-in was increased (I think Arizona already had a high mail in vote rate prior to 2020), so I don’t think 80.5% is exceptional.

Who wants total war over this?

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IF there is proof of fraud I am all for it.


Me too
To the last man

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Same here. I think fraud should produce bodies as a result. Hasn’t happened yet, hope it does.


no offence but have you ever heard of a little town called Las Vegas?

what do you think all those cameras are doing?

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Imagine being so politically radicalized, stupid, and gullible that you went through years of Trump/Russia collusion propaganda

there fixed it for you


No, lol how stupid… Las Vegas doesn’t have cameras, they don’t work. It’s only the pit bosses that catch people. Video evidence isn’t even considered evidence by courts.

Look how smart I sound.

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my point was there were only 9 monitoring an entire convention center from what looked like 100 feet away. very different set up than vegas and monitoring a very different thing.

It probably would have been enough… if the Dems weren’t hellbent on cheating.

i guess i should have said, cameras could be effective, but the way they had the ones there set up were practically worthless.

cameras in vegas are focused on peoples hands. the ones here are barely focused on an entire table. there’s no way to see what any of these people are really doing.

They were set up that way for a reason. Auditors were told to go home for a reason. Those suitcases of ballots were brought out for a reason.

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i’m talking about the cameras used during the audit in AZ.